It’s Official

We signed the lease and got the keys to our space today!!  It’s official – we are going to be business owners!  The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY…but a good kind of crazy.  And it’s only the beginning.

Luckily the space doesn’t require a TON of work, but one annoying thing about being a designer is the need to customize.  EVERYTHING.  The word “standard” is not my friend.  Turn-key – what’s that?  A little thing called a budget (and someone named Eric) will be keeping me from going overboard and hopefully on schedule.  After the lease signing, we stopped in to take some before photos:

Goodbye ugly vertical blinds and weird textured walls.  These pictures don’t show how bad they actually are…but trust me, they’re bad.

The ceilings are at least drywall…but what’s with the 2×4 fixtures?  They will also soon find a new home in the trash pile.

Also, the floors aren’t perfect but I can live with them.  However, I couldn’t live with the awful gray carpeting that used to be on the portion of the floor that steps up.  The carpet has already been taken up and it will soon have a laminate floor to match the rest.

So, not so scary right?  It needs a bit of work but it’s definitely doable  – even in our tight timeframe.  Our goal is to be open by mid November…what do you think?  Will we make it?  Stay tuned to find out…:)


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