Sneak Peeks

The store is finally starting to look like it’s coming together.  We’ve been hard at work trying finish up construction and getting everything ready for our big day on Saturday!  The painting is almost done and I would be pretty happy if I never have to pick up a roller again.  And I haven’t even had to do much of it – poor Eric had to do most of it by himself.  Actually if I’m really being honest here, he’s done most of the work in the store.  What would I do without him?!  He’s the best.

Ready for some photos?

Starting to look good, huh?  And some of our big pieces came in!

Aren’t they amazing?  Both the mirrors and desk were custom and made entirely of steel (except of course for the actual mirror) and are absolutely beautiful.  The combination of femininity and industrial really make the desk unique and unexpected.  I’ll be using it as my own desk in the store, but it can be made to order as well for anyone interested.  The mirrors might be my favorite item in the store currently and are stunning in person.  My dream space would have large windows like that, but since that is impossible (at least for now), I thought having mirrors made in a similar style would satisfy me.  We had them made to fit well in the space, but they are also a custom piece and can be made in whatever size needed.

One of the things we realized as we started shopping for inventory is how much we both love lighting.  I think we could easily open lighting store and be pretty happy with that.  So many interesting fixtures out there including this beauty:

Can you believe the shadows?  LOVE.  Here the fixture is shown as a sconce, but it can be used as a ceiling light as well.  We may actually do that at the top of steps of our second floor in our house.  Having your own store is both awesome and dangerous.

The next few days are going to be killer.  But will be worth it.  Can’t wait for you all to see!!!!


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