Open for Business!

Last week I felt like I was back in college when we lived on almost no sleep, had pizza (or some sort of junk food) for every meal, wore sweatpants/pajama pants everywhere.  I’m so glad to be back to a (somewhat) normal routine and eating a bit healthier.  (Although, I have to admit sweatpants are REALLY comfortable.)  After several weeks of hard work – and a week of almost going insane – we opened our doors for business this past Saturday!  And it was an incredible day.

Quite a change from last week, huh?  Surprised we were able to do it all?  Yea, so are we.  We didn’t have to pull any all nighters, but there were some close nights!

See anything you like?  Well stop on in and check us out!  We feel so lucky to be in the neighborhood we’re in – we’ve gotten so much support from neighbors and other merchants on the Avenue.  If you aren’t familiar with East Passyunk, it’s definitely an area worth visiting.  Some of the best restaurants and bars in the city (in my opinion) are right down the street from us.

If you were able to stop in the shop this past weekend – THANK YOU!  We’ve really been enjoying meeting and talking to everyone.  Doesn’t even feel like a job!  We will be getting more stuff over the next few week – and then a bigger shipment of furniture come January 2013.  Stop back in soon and we’ll keep you posted on our GRAND OPENING celebration next year!


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