Paris in January


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Last year my New Year’s resolution was simple:  go to Paris.  I’ve been to Paris once before but it was far too long ago and the trip was far too quick.  Since then, I’ve found a friend who is as much of a Francophile as myself and we’ve been planning a trip to Paris pretty much since the day we met.  Actually, traveling to Paris has been our resolution for at least the past two years and we both blogged about it in 2011 here and here.  Aaaaand guess what didn’t happen in 2012?  No trip to Paris.  BUT we did purchase tickets to go in January.  Does that count?  I say yes.

We are spending about a week there but are also including a 2 day visit to Maison et Objet (hoping to find some goodies and inspiration for the shop!) which doesn’t leave as much time to enjoy the city as we would ideally want.  But any time in Paris is better than none.  Instead of trying to cram in all of the touristy stuff that we’d love to do, we are going to make this a truly relaxing trip and focus on food, wine and the scenery.  We are staying at an apt in the Canal St-Martin section of Paris.  Anyone have suggestions for restaurants and/or bars in that area or really any area in Paris.  Good areas for shopping?  Flea markets worth visiting?  Any emerging or new French designers to look into – particularly jewelry designers.  Would love to find some jewelry for the shop.

missdiorcherieimage from here

When I think of Paris I’m always reminded of the commercial Sofia Coppola directed for Miss Dior Cherie (the one with Maryna Linchuk).  I would be absolutely content to have our week in Paris play out just like the commercial…shopping, pastries, running around the city in a beautiful dress.  Sounds lovely doesn’t it?  See video here.


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