New Obsession | John Derian

I came across an article in the WSJ about John Derian on Monday and can’t stop thinking about it.  Several years ago, I won one of his paper weights through a competition that Peacock Feathers hosted via her blog.  It’s become one of my favorite pieces in my home and is a permanent fixture on my coffee table.


His pieces feel whimsical, beautiful, quirky, and heartfelt at the same time.  Before Monday, I had never seen photos of his store and I am now completely blown away and inspired.


My style is more minimal and modern, but spaces like this really  intrique me.  It will definitely serve as inspiration for the store, especially when merchandising.  It’s pretty incredible how much of an impact merchandising has on how well products do in store.  I’ve remerchandised many times and have witnessed it first hand at HOME.  It may seem simple but a lot of thought goes behind every placement and display.  To have something look beautiful and effortless isn’t always so effortlessly done.  While doing some research on Derian, I found this video of him that made me love him even more!

Cool Hunting Video Presents: John Derian from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

He’s awesome and I wish we could be friends.  Sometimes I feel like I focus so much on social media and marketing to get my name and the store more recognizable that I don’t have as much time to devote to researching designers, brands, artists that I love, designing displays for the store, etc, etc, etc.  It’s unrealistic for me to not worry/care about numbers and money.  But reading about people like John Derian makes me strive to be a better designer, be more creatively open minded, and aspire for more.


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  1. John Derian probably had a time when he was more focused on the bottom line too! It’s hard to walk the line and give attention to creativity AND finances.

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