A Night Out

It’s sad to say, but lately my weekend nights have consisted of lounging in sweats at home, watching tv or a movie and crawling into bed by 11 or so.  My college self finds this very disappointing.  I remember when a night out didn’t even start until 11 or 12!  It also involved drinking a lot of cheap alcohol and walking around in the cold in skimpy outfits, so I am happy to be past that stage in my life.  This past weekend I had a chance to catch up with some girlfriends and had a great night out in Philly!

We ended up going to one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Fond, for drinks.  Fond also happens to be located right down the street from the shop on East Passyunk.  If you’ve never been, GO NOW.  It’s seriously amazing.  The chef used to be the sous chef at Le Bec Fin years ago and the pastry chef is also a Le Bec Fin alumnus.  They recently moved into a new location that now includes a bar, which is where we hung out.  I love the neighborhood-y feel plus it’s so cozy and everyone that works there is super nice.


I have a friend who is currently obsessed with tequila (Deepti I’m looking at you).  So (obviously) we took a shot of tequila to start the night off right!


Patron has always been my tequila of choice, but the bartender suggested something new for us called Cabo Wabo.


I’ve seen it before at the liquor store, but have never tried it.  It’s delicious – really smooth with a hint of sweetness.  I might like it more than Patron!  But the designer in me likes the Patron label much more.  I know, I can’t help it though.  BTW – just want to note that I had the most delicious apple tart at Fond.  I really wanted to lick my plate clean.  Common decency stopped me, but if I was at home…

We finished the night off with some dancing and what better place than a gay bar!  They play good music and you never have to worry about creepy guys trying to dance with you.  Win win!  Tavern on Camac in the Gayborhood (aka Midtown Village) is my favorite.  There’s a piano bar on the first floor with a dance floor on the upper level.  We had a blast dancing to Whitney Houston and Miley Cyrus:)

images Fond // Cabo Wabo


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