Let’s go back to Paris…

Hi there.

It’s been a while, huh?  This whole having your own business thing takes up a lot of time. Somehow keeping up with this blog has fallen to the wayside and I really need to remedy that. Not only do I enjoy blogging, but knowing that I have to post about something interesting forces me to be a little more interesting. Who wants to read about how I spent the night watching reruns of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, right?  But seriously, those ladies are craaaaaaaaazy.

I think my last post was the day before I left for my big trip to Paris. Well, I’m back. That deserves both a smiley and sad face. I’m happy to be back with my husband and Badger but who is actually happy to leave Paris?  It was more beautiful and magical than I remembered.






Can you believe it snowed while we were there?  We were told by some that it hadn’t snowed in five years, ten years by others.  No matter the number, it’s been a long time and the people of Paris were unprepared to say the least.  The streets were left unplowed, people were attempting to shovel the sidewalk (unsucessfully) with their brooms.  But noone seemed to care.  And the snow added a dreamy quality to the city – only made it that much more picturesque.  It may sound cliche but Paris really is so inspiring.  So much thought and effort is put into making things look beautiful, but in a way that seems effortless.

Our days were spent mostly walking around the city, drinking champagne every chance we got and eating lots and lots of these:


Oh and croissants.  Mmmmm, the croissants.  They were amazing.  I wish I had taken photos of the boulangeries there with the piles and piles of croissants, baguettes, brioche, and other delicious French breads that I wish I had more time to try.  We had so many good meals, but I think my favorite was a dinner we had at a teeny tiny restaurant near where we stayed called ‘Les Enfants Perdus’.


We started out with kir royales and an appetizer that had artichokes, foie gras, crab, green beans and caviar.  Sounds…strange?  Believe me, it was so good.  It was like a spread – more textured than a spread (I’m sure there is a more foodie term for this) because it had lumps of crab and pieces of the vegetables – that we ate on toast.  Yum.  My main course was filet with a side of potatoes and bone marrow.  Only in France would bone marrow be considered a side.  It was so rich and decadent and exactly what I wanted.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Although there was no lack of drinking on this trip, we didn’t venture out to many bars while there.  But we did make a trip to a bar one night and it was a good one.  It was a speakeasy style bar that was very difficult to find (we walked by it the first time) and had interesting drinks and a really cozy interior.  Think small space, lots of candlelight, wood beam ceiling, stone walls and funky acrylic chandeliers that I think I used in a school project many years ago!



My favorite part of the trip, however, was our trip to the Clingancourt flea markets.  And of course Maison et Objet…but we’ll talk about those two adventures during part two of my Paris blogpost!

images les enfants perdus



  1. *sigh*
    We must be on the same wavelength! I was dreaming of Paris lately, too. These photos you took turned out amazing! I also loved our visit to Rue de Madeleine and seeing Hermes and Chanel and that cute little courtyard!

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