East Passyunk Food Culture as Art


When people think of East Passyunk, they think food.  The restaurants along the Avenue have gotten so much good press that people from all over the city – and outside of the city – are traveling to our little neighborhood to check out the food scene.  There’s a mix of really good, really affordable food as well as high end, experimental places.  So when Hawk Krall, a Philadelphia based illustrator, said he wanted to do illustrations of some of his favorite dishes along the Avenue, I thought it was a brilliant idea! If the name Hawk Krall sounds familiar, you’ve probably have heard his name before.  He specializes in food related work and you can see his work at Hot Diggity on South Street as well as Pizza Brain in Fishtown.  He’ll be teaming up with Felicia Perretti, who will be photographing the various dishes.  Peretti is a Philadelphia based photographer who has done work for Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia Style Magazine and other publications across the country.  And you know what’s even better, they’ll be exhibiting their new work at the shop!  I’m so excited to be hosting our first art reception here at HOME and even more excited to see the work up on our walls.  The show is this Saturday, April 13th and the reception starts at 6pm.  We’ll have drinks and food and everyone is invited!  This Saturday is also “Second Saturday” here on East Passyunk which means that there will be a bunch of other events happening on the Avenue…see here for more details.


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