The movie, Melancholia, came out a couple of years ago, but I finally got around to seeing it a couple weeks ago.  Well, Eric and I started it a couple weeks ago, fell asleep half way through, then finally finished it the other night.  The storyline sounded interesting – a planet, named Melancholia, was headed straight towards Earth.  The movie  centers around two sisters with very different personalities and shows how they react to and deal with the idea of an apocalypse.  However, the movie left both of us feeling a bit confused and as though we were missing something.  Perhaps we’re just not deep enough to get it?  Have you guys seen it?  Thoughts?  What I loved about the movie, however, was the visual.  From the cast, to the clothing (Kirsten Dunst’s wedding dress – AMAZING), the mansion, the landscape, the strange yet beautiful scenes of Dunst lying about naked on rocks in a misty forest…(SPOILER ALERT: scroll down thru photos at your own risk)…






Haunting is a good word to decribe these images.  And that last scene with the planet looming in the background about to crash into Earth – my favorite.

images one | two | three | four | five


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