Weekend in Photos

This past week/weekend really kicked my butt.  Between running the shop, design work for my clients, preparing our Second Saturday event – plus attempting to have some sort of life outside of work – I feel exhausted.  Here are some quick shots of my weekend!


Went to the grand opening event of Drexel’s new media arts and design building.  This picture doesn’t do it justice – it’s really incredible.  These young kids don’t know how good they have it.


Afterwards we decided to pretend we were students again and went to Mad Mex.  We got carded (!), ordered some margaritas (Eric did us proud an ordered a “Big Azz” margarita), got some food…and I promptly got tired at about 1030 and headed home.  Remember when we didn’t used to even start getting ready to go out til around 1030?  What happened to those day?

Saturday was spent running around all morning and getting things ready/set up for our event that evening.  A huge THANK YOU to all the people that helped – Eric, pretty much my entire family!, my friend Kat (who made amazing cannolis), Art In the Age (who gave us some really yummy liquor) and of course Hawk Krall and Felicia Perretti for the amazing art on the walls at the shop!!  The event was a big sucess with so many friends, family and new faces popping in.  And it was amazing to see the Avenue crowded with so many people.  I’m really proud to be part of this neighborhood!









I’m terrible at remembering to take photos at my own parties, so thank you to Felicia, Hawk & East Passyunk for the images!


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