Crafting | paper flowers

One luxury I really wish I could have everyday at home and at the shop would be fresh flowers.  Even just small bouquets of one or two stems go a long way to brightening up any space.  I rarely make the effort at home – unless we’re having guests – but I do try a bit harder at the shop.  But sometimes I just can’t find the time to run quickly to the florist (or Wholefoods – which always has awesome and affordable flowers).  While helping me figure out a new design for the shop windows, my friend Karen came across this tutorial for paper flowers.  They’re perfect!  They’re lovely and are an inexpensive way to always have flowers around.

I’ve decided to make a TON for the shop windows and then several more to spread around the shop in the vases we currently carry.  With over 100 flowers to make, I recruited a couple friends to help.  It didn’t take them long to agree once I mentioned that there would be tres leches cake





Badgie was there for quality control…


We didn’t quite meet our goal of 100 flowers, but there’s always this weekend…right ladies?


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