Nicoise Salad

With summer (and bathing suit season) right around the corner, I’m trying to eat slightly healthier.  For those who know me, this is not an easy task.  I like to eat.  A lot.  And really rich, heavy foods.  So salads are not my thing.  But if you dress it up with some form of protein, I can occasionally be convinced.  A nicoise salad is a great option.  It’s a salad with lots of healthy bits like arugla, tomatoes and green beans, but also has some really flavorful and filling ingredients like olives, potatoes, tuna and hard boiled eggs.



Doesn’t it look delicious?  We didn’t follow one recipe exactly, but this Martha Stewart one is fairly close to what we did.  We made a dressing for the salad, but you can simplify this meal even further by buying a bottle of caeser dressing.


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