Before & After | friendsgiving

I’ll admit, this post may not exactly be perfect for a “before & after” post, but lets just go with it….. Entertaining at home can be a lot of work, but completely worth it.  It allows for the opportunity to try new dishes, cocktails and most importantly decorate!  Several years ago, my friend (and fellow party planner) Karen and I came up with the brilliant idea to host a Thanksgiving dinner for our friends – which we call Friendsgiving.  We decided to host it at Eric’s house (this is before we got married and he moved into my place) and he became a co-host of sorts.  It was such a hit that it has now become a tradition and something I (and all of our friends) look forward to every year!

One thing we try to change every year is the table decor.  Karen and I usually start talking about it in September and we’ve designed tables that were simple and only required some easy flower arranging and lighting of candles to ones where we’ve had to make our own tablecloths and napkins!  I know, crazy right?  But it’s something that’s really important to us – not just me and Karen, but our friends too.  I think they enjoy seeing what we’ll come up with every year.

So, the before…


And the after…






These photos are from our second Friendsgiving.  I don’t love the idea of “theme-y” tables, so most of the time you can’t really tell we were sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal.  As long as the table is beautiful – does that really matter?  We kept things farily simple this particular year…we went with a black, white and yellow color palette with lots of candles and yellow flowers.  The runner is actually striped wrapping paper we picked up at Ikea.  The large, rectangular candle holder is a vase from Ikea that I dressed up.  I cut out a damask pattern out of vellum, wrapped it around the vase and voila!  Karen and I are huge fans of candlelight, so our tables are always full of candles.  The atmosphere automatically becomes just a little more romantic and festive.

Aaaaaaaaand f you’re interested in getting some tips on entertaining, crafting some awesome paper flowers, and drinking some cocktails, stop by the shop for Second Saturday on May 11th…


Hope to see you guys there!!


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  1. Awww, I loved this Friendsgiving! Can this be a miniseries of it’s own where we show some of the others too?!! I loved the year you did the napkins, and the one with the pilgrim/native american silhouettes!

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