It’s never too late…

…for a grand opening celebration, right?  We didn’t think so!  When we opened for business back in November, we just wanted TO. BE. OPEN.  It didn’t matter that we were missing half of our inventory.  It didn’t matter that we looked bare bones.  Now, almost six months later, we’ve filled out a bit.  We finally felt ready to make this thing official.

Since this party was a big deal for us, we wanted a special invitation created for it and turned to Allie of Petite Rue.  She did an amazing job …

Summer Soiree

It’s beautiful and really reflective of HOME’s style.  Next came my favorite part of party planning: deciding on the decor.  Naturally, I asked Karen to help me brainstorm and we decided on a floral “theme” for the party.  With help from Eric and some awesome girlfrends, we crafted felt garlands, paper flowers and a floral HOME sign.  It was a lot of work, but the shop looked exactly as I envisioned and I couldn’t have been happier!


Paper flowers growing on our wire chair…




Belle Cakery whipped up the most delicious profiteroles I’ve ever had…




A “champagne bar” complete with towers of coupes, peach bellinis and kir royales…





A picture with some of my favorite people…


With my handmade HOME sign…




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