Before & After | friendsgiving pt 2

Last Friday I talked about our annual Friendsgiving dinner.  As I mentioned last week, we try to make the table setting/decor different every year because 1. it’s fun! 2. we’re a little crazy.  I thought it would be fun to show how we’ve switched it up over the years, so here is our table from 2009 (last week’s was from 2008).


I’ve always been a fan of paper flowers…



I love having placecards at dinner parties.  Another way for me to control things…j/k.  I don’t think I’m that bad.  But I do love a placecard and this year I made silhouettes of Indians and Pilgrims.  Not to toot my own horn (although I will), but I thought these were super cute and SO EASY.  All you need is google, basic Photoshop skils and a printer.



This was one of the more affordable table schemes – most things we made or got for free from mother nature.  We scooped up some branches from a park around the corner from me and attached the paper flowers to them.  We also spray painted leaves gold and scattered them around the table…



What do you guys think?  This was probably the most “theme-y” table setting we’ve done, which I typically don’t like, but this one is one of my favorites!


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