A Boy’s Room

When a client of mine found out that she was (unexpectedly) pregnant with a second baby, she decided to move her two year old son (Landon) to the guest room and keep his current room (the nursery) as is for the new little.  And guess who gets to design it?  Me of course!  This has been one of the my favorite projects so far.  Designing a kid’s room allows for a bit more freedom and fun – and who knew there were so many adorable things out there for kids these days?

One thing that my client and I both agreed on from the beginning is that we didn’t want a “theme-y” room.  I definitely think it’s important for rooms to reflect your interests.  But you can do that in a way that feels organic and sophisticated.  And yes, I do think that even kids rooms should have a little bit of sophistication.  For Landon’s room, we wanted something that felt fresh and playful.  Some important things to consider:  1. room for 2nd bed  2. a dresser he can grow with  3. tiny table and chairs where he can sit and draw with friends   4. his favorite color is blue  5. repainting the room was not an option

This was my original concept board for Landon’s room:


Since the walls were a very warm tan, I wanted to offset the warmth with cooler tones by bringing in whites, grays and blues.  There isn’t a theme in the design, but it definitely has an outdoorsy, nature-y feel with the tent, lanterns, animal heads.  Although my client was happy with the direction the design was going, she had some good changes to request and it has turned into this:


Sources:  tent // bed // trunk // task lamps // rug // floor poufs // lanterns // train sheets // gingham duvet cover // cotton blanket // orange chair // white table // plush animal heads // book storage // floor lamp // round mirror // dresser (if interested in items from HOME, feel free to contact me!)

We added a bit more color (the orange is going to really pop), changed out a cardboard animal head for THREE plush animal heads (that are so freaking adorable I can’t stand it!), an awesome dresser from BluDot Landon can grow with and added some other accessories.  I went over the other day to start the set up of the room and took some progress photos:


I’m loving it so far.  That tent really makes the room and those chairs!!!  Please ignore the curtains, flowers on sill and rug – they will all soon be gone.


I’m so glad my client insisted on these plush animal heads over the cardboard ones because I’m now obsessed with them.  Hanging photos and prints on the wall is great, but when you can mix in some three dimensional pieces – it’s always a plus.

Obviously there’s a bit more work to do in the room, but hoping to show you the finished project soon!  Check back soon…



  1. What are the sources for this stuff? I love the animal heads and the tipi & would love to know where they’re from!!!

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