Before & After | friendsgiving pt 3

On the third edition of our Friendsgiving dinners, I bring you the most complicated of our table settings.  This was the year I made tablecloths and napkins and placecards as well as the centerpiece.  This was also the year that I was laid off from my job, which explains a lot.

For this table, I really wanted a dark table since everything on it was going to be mostly white.  Sewing a tablecloth really isn’t very hard – its just a big rectangle – and much cheaper than buying one (or three in my case since this table is extra long).



The centerpiece were these two branches that I had leftover from a wedding I did.  I found paper flowers from West Elm and attached them to the branches…


After seeing these napkins by Emersonmade, I decided to DIY it since they looked simple.  They would’ve been easy if, say, I just stamped EAT. on premade napkins or only had to make two.  But instead, I made the napkins from scratch and I made fourteen of them.  Fourteen.  Believe me, they took a looooooooong time.  They looked great, so I guess they were worth the effort.


And here’s a peek at a typical plate of food from Friendsgiving…


Y.U.M.  On that note, hope everyone has a relaxing and funfilled holiday weekend.  I will be taking a mini break from the shop, visiting some family and hopefully do some antique-ing.  I guess I can never really take a break can I?


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