There’s been a lot going on in my world lately – some fun, some stressful, but I’m learning a lot along the way.  Here’s a little peek into what’s been happening…

HOME recently had a grand opening party and I got these awesome balloons for outside the shop…


And two weeks later, they’re still going strong.  In a week I may get sick of them, but right now they make me happy.  Philly Chit Chat, a local blogger who covers events across the city, came to our little party, took some photos and wrote about us!  Thanks for the coverage HughE!

Style Me Pretty was my go to for inspiration when I was planning Eric’s and my wedding last year, so I was shocked and excited when I heard that they were featuring our big day!  Holy cow!  A HUGE thanks to our wedding photog duo at Henry + Mac for the incredibly lovely job they did.  They captured us and the day beautifully.  You can see the Style Me Pretty feature here.


We (or rather Eric) have been working on our third floor renovations and so far it looks like this…



So we’re not really that far along, but this week the framing is going up!  Hopefully in a few months, it’ll start to look more like our inspiration board.

I have a few design projects going on right now, like this fun boy’s room, and I’m starting on a new one next week that I’m really excited about!  The client needs help designing her first floor which includes living, dining, family rooms as well as the patio.  One of the first things I do at the start of a project is go to Pinterest for some inspiration and I haven’t wasted any time creating a board for this one!  Did I also mention that she and her husband lived in France for several years and have amassed a collection of accessories/artwork from Europe?!  Can not wait to see what they have!

And this past weekend, I closed the shop and took a much needed mini holiday.  We visited Eric’s family in Lewisburg, ate at my favorite drive in and had the best fish sandwich, did a lot of antique-ing, and just enjoyed being out in the country and having views like this…


We drove back to Philly last night for a BBQ with friends where we ended the night with some South Philly style fireworks:



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