Weekend Recap

For me, this weekend completely flew by.  Between a bridal shower, bachelorette, prepping for the Diner en Blanc competition, and work, I had a packed weekend.  It didn’t get off to the best start with our contractors showing up on Friday morning even though they weren’t scheduled to…which messed up my plan for running errands.  But seeing this made up for it…


It may not look like much, but it’s a big step forward in our third floor renovation project!  Next up: dry wall.

Next month, a good friend of mine from college will be getting married and this past weekend was her bridal shower and bachelorette party.  I have to say, Amy is the most relaxed bride I’ve ever seen and it is such a breath of fresh air.  I totally get how you can get caught up with wanting this and that for your wedding and stressing whether your peonies should be pink or coral (yes, an actual concern of mine and I went with coral).  She only had a list of two things that were non negotiable for the wedding and now that they are settled, she trusts that everything else will fall into place and be just fine.  Which it is!  It’s just that some of us are more controlling than others.  Letting go and trusting other people was definitely one of the harder things for me to do during the wedding planning process.  Back to this weekend…my only job for Amy’s bridal shower was to make the favors.  Because Amy has a slight obsession with animal things and prints (fact: she wanted her wedding dress to have an animal print – luckily it did not work out and she’ll be wearing a beautiful gown with nary an animal in sight), I wanted the favors to involve animals in some way.  When I saw these little guys at AC Moore, I knew I had to use them in some way…


Sorry, but no after shots today! You’ll see what I did with these and how I turned them into a favor tomorrow.  Be sure to check back – they were a hit!

We planned a baseball game, dinner and drinks/dancing for the bachelorette portion of the day.  Unfortunately, I had to miss the game because I had a shop to get back to, but you know nothing can hold me back from a good dinner and especially dancing.  If you are looking for a good BYOB in the city to accomodate a large group (and takes reservations) and is tasty, check out La Viola.  The food is good, the people working there were so accomodating, and it’s so affordable.


Some people may disagree with me, but one of the best places to dance in the city is D’Angelos.  I will admit that is is a bit…random.  The crowd is a mix of older Italian men who like to hang out at the bar and drink and young people (like us) who want to dance.  My biggest complaint for a lot of other dance places in the city is that they get way too crowded.  Most times, D’Angelos doesn’t get crowded until around 1230, and even then you aren’t packed in like sardines.  Plus I like the music and the DJ will actually play your requests!


On Sunday, I decided to just continue my weekend of eating poorly by going to my favorite local Korean fried chicken place: Cafe Soho.  Eric and I met my sister and her husband there and ate so much chicken that I still feel full this morning.  But, oh my, it was delicous.


That was my weekend!  I had so much fun and wish it wasn’t already over, but I’m not sure if my body could handle more.  My goal for this week: exercise!

images la viola // d’angelos


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