DIY Shower Favors

This past Saturday was my friend’s bridal shower and I was put in charge of the favors.  Since the bride has a little obsession with all things animals (who else would think about getting an animal print wedding dress?!), it was a must to incorporate animals somehow.  To start, I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found this image:


They really are pretty and seemed simple to make, but just not quite right.  I was looking for something that felt a bit quirky.  While at AC Moore, I found mini animal figurines and knew I had to use them.  I bought an assortment of monkeys and birds, favor boxes, pink cardstock and gold spraypaint.  Interesting combination of things, huh?

Here are the animals before …


And after a coat of gold…


Don’t they look a little more adult apropriate?  Gold spray paint really can do wonders (although I have to admit, they were pretty cute to start with)

Because our bridesmaid dresses are a bright pink, I printed “thank you” tags for the favors on pink cardstock…


Note the squirrel silhouettes – did I mention that squirrels are her favorite animal?

The boxes were filled with Hershey kisses, wrapped in gold and white striped tissue paper then topped with an animal:




What do you guys think?  I loved how they turned out and they were so Amy!  Each box had a different animal and guests really had fun choosing their favorites.  I could see this as a cute idea for a baby shower.  Honestly, who doesn’t want a mini gold flamingo?



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