Vintage Finds

Over Memorial Day weekend Eric and I went to Lewisburg to visit his family.  Lewisburg is about an hour north of Harrisburg and although fairly small, it’s pretty charming.  There’s a main street with cute shops and restaurants and the “downtown” area is lined with beautiful Victorian homes.  What I love most are the vintage/antique shops and there are three that I try to hit every time we visit.  My first stop is usually Wilson Ross which carries a combination of newer and vintage items, from furntiure and dinnerware to clothing and jewelry.  It’s a pretty small shop, but they definitely pack a lot in.  I’ve bought quite a few fur muffs, collars, and stoles here as well as vintage dresses and coats.  Oh the coats!  I love my shoes, but I think I might have as many coats as I do shoes.  I just can’t seem to resist them!  And when they’re so reasonbly priced – do I need to?

My other two favorite shops are: Rollermills and Street of Shops.  They’re both huge and full of all things vintage.  There’s a lot of junk to wade through (when isn’t there though when you’re shopping for antiques?), but if your persistent, you can definitely walk away with some awesome finds.  I’ve been really lucky with glassware, ceramics, artwork, jewelry, but if you’re looking for furniture, this is probably not the place to go.  I’ve found some nice vintage trunks, but most of the furniture is too traditional for my taste and there are almost zero upholstered options.  I made out pretty well on our last trip and found some amazing things for the shop…


So many beautiful glass serving plates and silver bowls.  The footed white and gold glass bowl is one of my favorites – I think it would look beautiful full of pink peonies.  Which, by the way, are in season and at Whole Foods!!


I love candlesticks, but they’re usually traditional or glam, which makes these even more special.  You don’t see many mid century modern style candlesticks out there.


Although I do have a Kindle, I still love my books and bookends are a great way to accessorize a bookcase.  This one is marble and brass – my favorite finishes these days!

I think I’ve cleaned out Lewisburg of all of their coupes – between the 30+ coupes I bought recently and the 30+ coupes I’ve purchased over the years, I honestly don’t think there there are any left at Roller Mills or Street of Shops.  But now they are available at HOME




Stop in and see all of new vintage pieces!  Also, if you are in the area later today, stop by Williams-Sonoma on Broad and Walnut to learn more about Diner en Blanc, enjoy some food and drinks, and watch as I compete in a table setting competition!  More info here.  Wish me luck!


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