Before & After | friendsgiving pt 5


This past November, Eric and I were working frantically to get the shop open.  We ended up opening the Saturday after Thanksgiving which meant I had zero time to focus on Friendsgiving.  To make it easier on myself, I decided to use decorations from our wedding reception and with help from Karen, it ended up looking more Thanksgiving-y and less wedding-y.  Considering that we pulled it all together last minute, I think it turned out really well!

Gold is such a great accent color because it works for every occasion and can make even the most common, utilitarian thing special.  Case in point: gold fruit.  Karen spray painted mini pumpkins and pears gold for each place setting and they look so chic.  Such an easy little makeover that makes such a big impact.





We used these candlesticks for our wedding reception and they were a DIY project as well.  We purchased unpainted wood candlesticks and spray painted them gold (of course) and changed them from rustic to glam.  And the best part is that they were so affordable – I think they were around $3 each.


I break out my collection of coupes every chance I get…


A buffet of beautiful, delicous food…



This is the final installment of our Friendsgiving series.  Hope you guys enjoyed it!  After all this, I feel like we need to really step up this year, so check back in about five months!


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