Fashion Wishlist

Yesterday I found out that Isabel Marant was doing a line for H&M to be released on November 14th and this collaboration is definitely one I’m very excited about.  Her clothes feel effortless, bohemian, very Parisian – a style I’m always aiming for but not quite getting.  I’ve gotten other pieces from designer lines at H&M and have been really happy with the quality – not just of the fabric and construction but the design as well.  No images have been released yet, but I have high hopes!  In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Isabel Marant pieces that you can get right now (just not at H&M prices)…


I was just looking at the top, but I think I love the entire outfit…especially those heels!  Couldn’t find them in white, but I think I like them in tan even more.  But I really need these in my life…


They are the perfect summer heel.  It’s a high heel, but low enough to be comfortable to run around in and can be both casual and dressy.

One shouldered dresses aren’t typically my favorite, but here’s one I could definitely see myself wearing


I’m on the lookout for a good dress for a summer wedding and I think this is a great option.  I just need to lose about 15 lbs and hope that it gets marked down to at least 50% off…

And I’ve been stalking these boots for about a year now…


I know, they’re just plain black ankle boots.  But I love the heel height and the slight scoop in the front which helps to elongate your legs (believe me, you have to think about these things when you have short legs).  Plus they are so practical – I can see myself wearing them all summer long and in the winter with tights and short skirts.  At $600, they’re an investment, but not terrible right?  Eric I’m not talking to you here…


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