Before & After | a south philly rowhome

This one is a bit of an oldie, but the last time a post was done about this house, the photos weren’t very good (it was featured on Desire to Inspire a few years back).  We’ve since had professional photos taken and it really does make a difference.  The house is over 100 years old and was purchased from an elderly woman who probably hadn’t updated it since the seventies.  There were drop ceilings, stained carpet, paneling on almost every single wall…the list goes on.  It was one ugly house.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself…




And guess who was the proud new owner?  Me!  With the help of Eric and my parents, we did all the demo, exposed the brick wall and installed the wood floors.  We then handed it off to a contractor to put in central air (was a must for me), put up drywall, install the kitchen cabinets and install all the trim.  To save costs we did all the painting which was painful for me because I really hate painting.  It was a long process and at times I felt like I had no life outside of fixing up this house, but it was worth it for the end product…














Since we spent so much money on the renovation, I had to be really conservative with the furnishings.  About a year before I bought the house I started making purchases for it- nothing big, but a console here, a few dining chairs there (they were on sale for $10 each at Target!) – so I already had quite a few pieces.  Almost everything else was from West Elm, Home Goods, vintage or was something I DIY’ed.  My favorite DIY project was the long bench that runs along the brick wall.  It serves as storage for our TV stuff at one end as a bookcase, then turns into seating for the dining area at the other end (with a cushion on top for comfort).  With help from my dad, it was completed in an afternoon.  We had the wood precut at Lowes then took the pieces home to assemble with a nail gun.  Since there’s a floor vent along the brick wall, I decided to raise the bench off the floor by attaching castors.  Easy right?

Since these pictures were taken, Eric and I got married and he moved in.  Along with him, came his stuff and I’m definitely starting to feel like a change needs to happen.  When the house was renovated, I didn’t take his style into consideration so it feels very me.  But we both live here now and it only feels right to try to combine our aesthetics a bit.  First, though, we need to get through our third floor renovation



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