Favorite Quick Dishes

I love love love to eat.  Unlike when I was in my twenties, it’s starting to show and become a bit of a problem.  Apparently you can’t eat anything you want, however much you, whenever you want and expect to stay the same size.  Twisted logic, I know.  I’m trying to make exercise part of my daily routine, but it’s not easy when I seem to always be rushing off somewhere or late to something.  (That’s probably another issue I need to deal with too.)  I’m always looking for simple meals that I can make quickly, with few ingredients, are somewhat healthy and most importantly delicious.

One dish that I make all the time when I need something really quickly is rice and eggs.  It’s far from fancy, but it’s pretty tasty and very satisfying.  And the great thing is I always have all the ingredients on hand:  eggs, rice, soy sauce, siracha.  All you have to do is make some rice, fry an egg or two, pile onto a plate, pour some soy sauce and siracha over top to taste.


My husband used to think this dish was strange and gross…but he’s completely on board now.  Unless you hate eggs, I don’t know how you wouldn’t like this.  If you have extra time, I sometimes fry some tofu or Chinese sausage to eat with it – but then it starts to become pretty unhealthy…

I love sardines and have been eating canned sardines in tomato sauce with rice for years.  Although I love it,  it probably isn’t appealing to most – but I recently found something that seems sort of fancy but is super simple and so good.


Sardines on toasted bread.  Easy right?  This image shows toasted and buttered bread topped with sardines (canned in olive oil), thinly sliced onions, chives and lemon juice.  Delicious.  I also like to sometimes fry the sardines up a bit with garlic and chili flakes and add artichokes for some extra meatiness.  If you don’t already keep canned sardines in your pantry, start now!

Do you have any favorite quick meals?

image 1 // 2


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