Let’s Clambake!

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My all time favorite summertime meal has to be a clambake.  I’ve never had a traditional one where a pit is dug in the sand, lined with rocks and seaweed, layered with seafood, potatoes, sausage,etc and covered with a tarp to cook for several hours.  It’s almost impossible to do it traditionally like that unless you are one of the lucky few who own a beachfront property with your own private beach.  (New goal this summer: make friends with someone who has a private beach.)  But don’t worry – it’s still possible to enjoy a clambake without digging a hole in the ground.  Thanks to Ina Garten, I discovered the beauty that is the stovetop clambake (recipe here).  Even if you’re a beginner when it comes to cooking, you really can’t mess this up.  All that’s really involved is piling ingredients into a large pot and then you just leave it alone and allow all the wonderful flavors to mesh and come together.

The last clambake Eric and I hosted was a year ago at our wedding welcome party.  It was a lot of prep – yes, we did all the cooking ourselves and for sixty people no less – but what feels more New England Nantucket-y than a clambake?  We replaced the lobster with crab (as we always do since Eric doesn’t like lobster) which kept the cost down slightly, had pasta salad, bread, meats and cheese, crudité and lots of wine and beer.  So.  Good.



It was such a fun night and the food was a hit with everyone.  We laid out blankets on the lawn and everybody dined picnic style under the stars – and white lights…

weddingclambake(Thanks Misa for the photo!)

The fourth of July is just around the corner and we used to always host a clambake instead of your regular old barbeque…




Because of the wedding, we skipped the tradition last year, but I’m ready to bring it back.  Who’s ready for a clambake?!

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  1. ME!!! Clambakes are the best and actually pretty easy, like you said. Just make sure I have my own bay seasoning 😉

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