Design by Fashion

When starting a project I always look for inspiration images to base my design on.  You can draw inspiration from anywhere – it doesn’t necessarily have to be pictures of other spaces.  Sometimes an image of a garden or a piece of artwork can inspire a color palette or just an overall feeling you want for a room.  One of my favorite resources for inspiration are fashion magazines.  I have tons of old Vogue issues (a bone of contention with my husband who doesn’t understand my desire to hoard issues from five years ago) and the fashion shoots and even ads are fantastic for getting ideas for color combinations and mixing textures and finishes.  If you have a favorite fashion designer it makes perfect sense that you would be into a space that  translated their aesthetic.

Miucca Prada is one of my favorite designers and her Miu Miu line is my dream come true.  Every year she comes up with clothing that is so quirky and so girly – my favorite combination.  I still very clearly remember her Spring/Summer 2010 collection…


Lovely right?  The sparkles, the color palette – those shoes!  Hard to tell in the photo, but they have birds all over them and she had some with cats!  How strange/awesome is that?  This is how I would translate this image into a room…finishboard copy

images 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //


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