Party Garlands

For someone who loves hosting parties and usually goes overboard when it comes to the décor, I kept it fairly low key for my wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a list of things to do (complete with plans and maybe an elevation or two) and had about eight amazing friends help set up – but nothing really complicated.  I definitely had some crazy plans at first – think elaborate photo backdrops, ceilings completely covered with helium filled balloons –  but in the end just wanted the venue to be the focus and to keep things simple.  Money was also a pretty important factor.  We DIY’ed most things to keep costs down – even the bouquets and centerpieces – but did decide to splurge on one element: the fireplace garland.



image c/o henry + mac

I love a good garland – who doesn’t right?  Ours was made of bay leaves which we ended up drying and now use to cook with.  We will never need to buy another bay leaf ever again.  For serious.  If you need some, email me, I’ll mail you a container.  Like I said, the garland was used to decorate the fireplace, but I could’ve found several places to put one: above a doorway, on chairs, to decorate a table, hang from the ceiling, etc.  And I’ve since found many DIY options – some with real plants, some using paper, felt or fabric.  Here are my favorites…

A “traditional” floral garland to highlight an entry way (DIY here)…


Another floral garland – this would be great running down the length of a table as a runner/centerpiece (DIY here)…


Real floral garlands are great if you only need them for one night/event, but if you’re looking for it to last several days, weeks, maybe forever, real may not be the way to go.  Paper flowers are obviously a great solution and here’s a great DIY option from Martha…


This felt garland is more abstract floral, but beautiful none the less.  I actually crafted these for the shop and although they were time consuming, they are completely worth it and look fabulous (DIY here)…


These are not at all floral, but so festive and fun…


DIY here

traingle fringe garland

DIY here


DIY here


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