A Light Summer Meal


The heat this past weekend was killer.  Spending more than ten minutes outdoors left me covered in sweat, so I tried my best to avoid leaving air conditioning.  When it get this hot, I actually crave salads…which is pretty amazing for those that know me.  Salads are usually something I eat in addition to a “real” meal and mostly because I feel guilty not having one when my (annoyingly) healthy husband does.  Okay, so a cobb salad isn’t the healthiest of salads.  It has eggs, chicken, blue cheese and bacon…but it’s still a salad nonetheless.

This salad requires a bit of cooking, but nothing complicated.  All you need to do is boil eggs, fry up bacon and grill some chicken breasts (just seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper).  Pretty straight forward.  Ingredients I included:

– hard boiled eggs

– grilled chicken breasts

– bacon

– blue cheese

– spring salad mix

– avocado

– tomatoes

Eric did make a dressing (sorry not sure what recipe he used), but a store bought caeser dressing would be good.  We also had a tomato, basil, mozzarella salad as well!  Such a healthy meal!  Very proud of myself:)


A few years ago, we had a college themed holiday party at our house and have since had a few leftover forties of PBR in our basement.  When I came across this recipe for a blackberry lemonade shandy – I decided it was the perfect opportunity to finish off the bottles.


image via whole foods

PBR + blackberries + lemon juice…not sure about this combo?  Just try it.  It’s really delicious and so refreshing in this heat.  It was so good, we finished off all of our leftover beer!


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