A Patio Design

PatioInspirationall images via pinterest

One thing I wish we had – especially in the summertime – is a nice backyard.  Our current one is about the size of my desk.  Yes, it can hold a small table and two chairs, but that’s about all.  A couple years ago I tried to spruce it up with some paint, lanterns and plants (which have since died), but I think we’ve eaten out there maybe twice.  It’s just too small to feel comfortable in.  Until I can someday buy a dream home with an outdoor space big enough to entertain in, I’ll live vicariously through my clients.  I recently came up with three schemes to dress up a patio space for a current project…

Patio_Scheme1Resources : dining table // chairs // coffee table // straw pouf // lounge chair // sofa // end table

Patio_Scheme2Resources : sofa // lounge chair // end table // outdoor sconce // dining table // coffee table // straw pouf // dining chair


Resources : wicker dining chair // metal dining chair // dining table // ceramic end tables // pouf // lounge chair // floral pillow // coffee table // sofa // striped pillows

The first two schemes are pretty similar – and they are more their style.  I sort of just threw the last one in there because I wanted to show them something completely different.  The last is definitely more my personal style.  Obviously, there would be more accessories involved – pillows, planters, plants – I just wanted to show them the bigger pieces.  Thoughts?  Any suggestions for where else to look for outdoor furniture?


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