Hot Child in the City


Living in the city offers very few of us the luxury of having a pool in the yard (and no, kiddie pools don’t count).  So what are your options when it’s hot out and you need to cool off?  There are actually quite a few public pools scattered throughout the city.  I’m sure some are nicer than others and since I’ve never been to one, I can’t really give a recommendation.  But free is free right?  You can find a list of them here.

The other option is to become a member at a private swim club.  Both the University City Swim Club and the Lombard Swim Club have been around since the sixties and are great family friendly options…if you can get a membership (both currently have a wait list).  When the North Shore Beach Club opened a couple of years ago, I was really excited.  Who doesn’t remember that episode of ‘Sex and the City’ where the girls get to enjoy the perks of Samantha’s “membership” to a private swimming pool?  I started having daydreams of tanning on a chic lounge chair poolside with a cocktail in hand.  Fast forward a couple years later, I finally find a chance to visit the North Shore Beach Club and I’m a bit disappointed.  Sure, there’s a pool and lounge chairs – even cabanas – and cocktails (this is a 21 and over pool), but chic wouldn’t be a word I’d use to describe it.


It’s not terrible – it just felt a lot more college-y than I was hoping.  The picture above makes it look pretty decent, but in real life it looks a bit run down.  And it’s only been around for a couple years…maybe three?  I was hoping for something more like this…


…or this…


…or this…


…or this…


Does it surprise you that these are all pools in NYC?  C’mon Philly, let’s get one in our town.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

images // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


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