DIY Lighting

Our third floor renovations in our house are coming along.  The plumbing is complete and the electrical is well on it’s way, which means we need to select our light fixtures.  First up is the bathroom.  We had originally planned to have sconces, but after working out the design, we decided a pendant would be the better option.  The finishes we’ve chosen so far are very classic and streamlined – white marble hexagon floor tiles, white subway tiles for the walls with a section of exposed brick, simple and modern vanity with white countertop.  I’d like to incorporate a pendant that makes a statement, but one that isn’t too overpowering since it’s a fairly small space.  I’ve come across a couple that I love…


This chandelier from Douglas and Bec is a stunner.  The copper finish makes it a little more girly and glam and allows it stand apart from the abundance of brass going on lately (not that I’m complaining about the brass!).  It would look so incredible in our bathroom, but unfortunately Eric vetoed it.  He didn’t veto the actual fixture, he vetoed spending over $2k on one light.  Especially one this small and going in a room that only he and I will probably ever use.  Fair enough.


This Lindsay Adelman piece is similar in style to the Douglas and Bec one, but feels even more delicate.  It is gorgeous, but a bit too big for our bathroom – not to mention slightly over our budget (it’s just over $9k).  Oh well, maybe in our next house (j/k Eric!)?  In the meantime, I need to find fixtures appropriate for this house and quickly.  After some searching, I haven’t been able to find anything similar to the two above in our price range but I did find some DIY options that we’re seriously contemplating…




DIY 1 // DIY 2 // DIY 3

What do you guys think?  Can you believe for some of them, the total cost of parts is under $150?  What you save in money, however, you pay for in your time.  We’re still thinking about it, but I think I’m leaning towards going for it.  Have you guy seen other DIY’s that look good?


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  1. Here’s one that’s just slightly LESS than 2K… Or these I’ve seen on Pinterest lately are much more budget friendly (and proportionately less awesome than the the Douglas & Bec): and

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