C R A B S , C R A B S , C R A B S


One of my favorite memories from my childhood was going to the beach in Maryland, finding a little crab shack, and spending the afternoon eating blue crabs outside at a newspaper covered picnic table.  It was messy, fun and oh so delicious.  I can’t remember the last time I visited Maryland, but eating blue crabs is definitely a summertime tradition that I’ve kept up with.  There are plenty of places to get these tasty little critters in South Philly, but we usually go to Ippolito’s in our neighborhood.


These crabs are best steamed – although I’ve boiled them which is fine, but does make them a little watery.  See this for directions.  They only take about ten minutes to cook, but so much longer to eat.  But I think that’s part of the fun.


Blue crabs are a bit tricky to eat (see same article linked above for step by step directions on how to eat) and actually provide little meat, but the meat is so sweet and tasty that it makes it completely worth the effort.  Plus, it makes for a pretty fun meal to have with family and friends while enjoying some beers or a few bottles of crisp white wine.  The only thing I eat with them is Old Bay and sometimes some white rice (when I feel like being a good Asian:)).


image 1



  1. Yum… Although my favorite are the king crab legs (with so much Old Bay that we all need our own can of it!)

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