I (still) Heart Macarons


The French have enjoyed macarons for centuries, but it seems like the rest of the world just discovered their beauty (and delicousness) a few years ago.  They have definitely become mainstream and that makes me very happy.  Most people now know the difference between a macaron and a macaroon – who knew that one “o” would make such a difference!  They used to be impossible to find in Philly, now they seem to be everywhere – including Trader Joe’s!  Check out this list for where to find them in Philadelphia.

The other day I stopped by Miel, a French pastry shop in Rittenhouse Square (the very first place in Philly that I found that carried them a few years ago), and was really surprised with their macaron selection.  They had at least fifteen different flavors, including my favorite: rosewater!


I chose seven flavors to try, but I ate the vanilla right away, so that one isn’t pictured!  Here were the flavors left for me to photograph…starting from the top and going clockwise:  black forest (chocolate cherry), salted caramel, raspberry, lemon poppy, rosewater and pistachio.  Those French sure are geniuses.  Have you guys seen this Paris vs New York print…


Isn’t it adorable? If you’re not familiar with Paris vs New York, it started as a blog (still is) that created prints to compare the two cities.  Check it out and see the rest of their awesome comparisons.  If you love the print above, it’s currently on sale during the shop’s summer clearance!


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