Let’s Bake!

If I was given the choice of something sweet or something salty, I would probably choose salty about 85% of the time.  But if I were offered cake, I would probably accept 100% of the time.  I’ve yet to find a cake that I didn’t like.  Recently, I’ve been really interested in finding cakes that I can make that not only taste good but look good too.  I’m actually pretty bad at decorating cakes, so I was so excited about how my tres leches cake turned out.  I’m anxious to try something new.  Here are a few recipes I found that sounded delicious and seemed straightforward enough for even me…


1.  Raspberry, Pistachio and Rosewater Cake | Those flavors!  Plus its gorgeous.  Oh my, I can’t wait to make this.  It’s the fancy icing work that trips me up and this seems totally doable.  The icing doesn’t need to be perfect because it’ll be covered with raspberries and pistachios.  Find the recipe here.


2.  Fruit & Coconut Ice Cream Cake with Brownie Crust | Never would’ve thought I would want to make something vegan, but here we are.  But honestly, who wouldn’t want this?  Well, I guess my husband because he doesn’t like coconut.  Guess I’ll be making this just for me!  And it seems fairly simple to make and looks beautiful!  Recipe here.


3.  Ombre Cake | I’ve been wanting to make an ombre cake for so long.  It’s so pretty and actually simple because it’s a basic cake – just a lot of food coloring.  See recipe here.


4.  Citrus Cake with Lemon Curd Filling & Orange Lemon Icing | Based on Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2011 line , this cake is genius!  Honestly, how pretty right?  And even a non-cake decorator like me could make this look good.  It might be the most complicated of all the cake recipes, but still doesn’t seem too difficult.  Recipe here.


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