Introducing (re)work Architecture & Design


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I love running the shop – finding new products and deciding what to buy, merchandising the store, meeting and getting to know my customers – but my real passion will always be interior design.  I’ve worked as a designer for over ten years – first for a small architecture firm in the ‘burbs and now for a firm that I have with my husband, who (conveniently) happens to be an architect.  We focus mainly on residential, although we have – and can do – small commercial projects.  I honestly didn’t think I would love doing residential work as much as I do, but I really, really do.  Yes, residential clients can be (and usually are) much more demanding.  They usually need a lot more hand holding, have a lot more questions, but nothing feels better than seeing someone so happy and appreciative of the home you’ve helped to create.

The name of our firm is (re)work Architecture & Design and our website is about 90% complete – thanks to a talented friend who designed it for us (thanks Coll!).  Be sure to check it out, and in the meantime here are a few before and after shots of some of our projects…




If you’re looking for help with your home, we’d love to talk to you!  Stop by the shop to chat or send us a quick email : info (at) reworkarch (dot) com .

It’s been a crazy week – thank goodness it’s Friday!  Have a good weekend!!


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