Asian Style Snow Cones


This weekend, the shop hosted a Second Saturday event with our neighbor, Occasionette, and it was a hit!  Strangely (but also awesomely) enough, my mom has a snow cone cart so we decided to host a “Slushie Second Saturday”!


Isn’t it so cute?  I’m trying to convince Eric to let me keep it, but he doesn’t seem too excited about this idea.  We used to always have chocolate fountains at our parties – having a snow cone cart at our parties would be so much cooler, don’t you think?  He may not love the idea of keeping the cart in our house, but he did admit that he enjoyed working the cart on Saturday night.  Here are the Erics hard at work…


Funny enough, Sara’s (owner of Occasionette) husband is also named Eric (btw, thanks Sara for the pic above).  We served several snow cone flavors, but my favorite was the sala flavor with condensed milk.


Sala is a fruit common in South East Asia, but one I’ve never tried.  Although you can usually find all sorts of exotic fruit at the Vietnamese grocery store by us, sala is one I’ve never seen.   However, you can find sala flavored syrup there and its delicious.  There’s not much you can compare it to because it’s pretty different – never versions of the bottle are labeled strawberry, but it doesn’t taste like strawberry at all.  Just pour some of the syrup over crushed ice, add a little (or a lot) of condensed milk on top and you’ve got the best tasting snow cone you’ll every try.  Enjoy!


images snowcone garland // sala syrup


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