Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

…or really just the champagne wishes.  I’ve never dreamt of caviar, but then again I haven’t tried much caviar so maybe I just don’t yet know what I’m missing.  However, champagne dreams is a different story.  As we’re starting to plan some changes and rearranging the shop to celebrate the start of fall and our upcoming one year anniversary (!!!), I’ve been perusing Pinterest (where else) for ideas and inspiration.  I came across two images I wish, with all my heart, that I could include in the shop…


Champagne is something that needs to be on tap at all times, right?   This is the kind of water cooler that I’d like in my office.  How does the saying go…”A glass of champagne a day, keeps the doctor away”…something like that?


I’d like to see which customers would push this button.  And then become friends with them.  This is so adorable and something I think that I could figure out how to make.  Tell me, if you saw this in a shop, would you push the button?


images 1 // 2


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