And We’ve Got a Winner!

Friday was the end of our Instagram contest and I’m so excited to announce the winner today!  I couldn’t believe how many awesome entries we got – good job guys!  I really wish we could pick more than one winner – it was definitely hard to choose just one person.  But after much discussion, we (HOME’s interns and I) all agreed that our favorite was…

WINNERSubmitted by @mathu80!  We love everything about this.  There’s just enough on the table to make it look interesting but not overcrowded.  Everything is perfectly positioned and all the individual objects are beautiful – even the book and magazines  (the yellow of the Vanity Fair cover compliments the gray-blue rug nicely).  The texture and color of the rug works as a great backdrop.  I love that he took two shots of the table – one close up and one that gave us a peek of the rest of the room.  I would love to see the entire space by the way!  Congrats Matthew – you’ve got amazing coffee styling skills:)  Hope you enjoy your bag of goodies from HOME!

Good Bag

This contest has been so fun!  Thank you to everyone who participated!!  To keep up with all of our events, promotions and contests, be sure to follow us on Instagram: @shophomephilly !


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