Project Dresher Progress

Oh hi!  It’s been a little while since my last post (eight months to be exact).  Turns out running a business on your own is a lot of work.  Add to that full time designer and part-time instructor (did I mention I also teach at Moore?) – it’s been crazy.  But I love it…well, most of it anyways.  However, I’d love to be a more consistent blogger.  Posting new content everyday is just far too ambitious for me.  My new goal is to post once or twice a week…so this is step one…let’s see how this goes!

A project that has been keeping me busy for about a year now is Project Dresher.  They are clients that I’ve known for several years – I helped them with a few spaces in their previous home.  In December, they purchased a (new to them) home that basically needed to be gutted.  And they turned to us to help them change it into a space that felt modern and sophisticated.  Seven months later, major construction is finally complete and now we’re working on making it feel like a home.  Wanted to share some of the before and after photos so far.

The before with badly carpeted stairs and old wood railings…


And the after!  We worked with a local metal guy to design custom steel railings and look at the beautiful new wood stair.



We also closed up two openings along the wall to the right of the stair – they made that elevation way too busy and created too many openings into the kitchen and dining room.  The client really wanted a large fish tank and we decided to build one into the wall between the dining room and foyer – visible from both rooms.  I have to admit that I’m not typically a big fan of fish tanks (especially large ones), but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.  It helped to open up the dining room a little bit and serves as wall decor for the foyer – plus my clients are happy!


The kitchen before…it was laid out poorly and, honestly, just plain ugly.


Getting rid of the corner closet and closing up the opening to it’s right allowed us to have a more continuous line of cabinetry.  Everything felt so broken up and in pieces before.  And look at that sad island!  Originally there were were cabinets on the other side of the island, but we decided to remove them so we could have a more generous island.  It also opened the kitchen to the family room which was really important to my clients since they have two young kids.




I couldn’t find any before photos of their master bath, but trust me, it was pretty bad.  We wanted this space to feel clean, fresh and modern.  The walls are a soft grayish blue, the floor is a dark gray stone looking porcelain tile and the walls are a textured white tile (hard to see the texture in these photos).  Since everything felt so cool, we wanted to bring in some warmth with the dark stained bamboo vanity – and eventually they’ll put in a wood slat shower floor.


I’m so happy with how the vanity turned out!  The wood is dark and could have made the vanity feel really heavy, but floating it helped keep it feeling light.  We brought the counter up the wall a bit so that we could install the faucets on it.  Still missing is the mirror that will pretty much take up the entire space above the vanity – framed in the same wood as the vanity.


The wall by the front door had a cut out that looked into the living room (why??) which we filled in and added this amazing sconce that is more like a piece of art!  (Available at HOME!)


And who doesn’t love wallpaper in a powder room?  I’ve seen this one used fairly often – but I still love it!  And it fit my clients’ home and style perfectly…


That’s all we got so far.  Can’t wait to show more photos as we continue working!




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