Storefront Inspiration // 7.30


I’ve always been obsessed with storefronts – well before I opened HOME.  However, since becoming a shop owner, I notice and appreciate them that much more.  I’m constantly inspired by the shops that I come across (in real life and online) that make a point to make their exterior and windows as beautiful and charming as their interior.  Once a week, I’ll post a new storefront I come across – I hope I can also inspire you and maybe introduce you to a shop you’ve never heard of before!

First up is Biscuiteers – I mean, how adorable, right?  It’s a bakery in London and has been in this space since 2012 (although it looks like it’s been around for decades).  What’s not to love about this storefront.  You can’t go wrong with a black and white color palette or a striped awning.  But what I love the most is how the facade looks hand drawn.  That dog with the bone!


images // 1


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