Workshops at HOME + Diner en Blanc Table Setting



I’m so excited to announce that HOME will be hosting a series of workshops in the store starting next month!  This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while and have finally gotten organized enough to really start planning.  The goal is to create intimate, beautiful events where you can learn a new skill as well as have the opportunity to meet and chat with new (or maybe old) friends.  All while having a cocktail or two (or three).  Our first workshop will cover “interior styling” and will be taught by myself (did you know I’m an interior designer?) and my bff, Karen, who also happens to be a very talented designer.  Here is the workshop description:

Whether it’s through bookshelves, a coffee table or a fireplace mantle, arranging your home accessories and creating vignettes are the perfect way for you to share your style – not to mention your interests, family and memories. But how can you make that bookcase you snagged at a yard sale or Ikea into one that is ready for a magazine shoot? The task can sometimes be overwhelming.

 Have no fear, HOME is here to help! HOME owner and interior designer, Sary Em, is kicking off a series of workshops with this interior styling class focused on arranging your home displays. Sary, along with the help of friend and interior designer, Karen Kovolski, will be sharing their tips and tricks to edit what’s on your shelves so they’re both functional and pretty. The workshop will include a chat about curating home accessories, one-on-one direction, Q&A, and brunch fare (including cocktails, of course). HOME believes there’s no better way to learn than in a casual, friendly atmosphere, with croissants and sparkling wine! Each participant will also receive a gift to use in their own vignette.

Sounds fun, right?  Tickets are on sale now – so grab a friend and sign up!  You can purchase tickets here.

In other news, tonight is Diner en Blanc!  Unfortunately, I won’t be there, but I can’t wait to see all the photos!  In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos of a table design I did for Diner en Blanc a few weeks ago at the Philadelphia Style Best of Style party…

Fotor0723135330 copy






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