I came across Lostine about a year ago while I was on my first buying trip for the shop.  I fell for their rustic, handcrafted aesthetic long before I realized they were a Philadelphia based company.  The fact that one of the owners lives right around the corner from the shop only made me like them more!

Lostine designs and manufactures a variety of home furnishings, from rolling pins to coat racks to kitchen islands.  Although not everything is made locally, they do offer a number of pieces that proudly bear a “Made In America” label.  It isn’t a label that’s easy to find, so it’s definitely something we get really excited to discover.  Bonus points if it’s made in Pennsylvania.  We have  a few of their pieces in the shop…


I love a good pouf and these have been really popular for us!  But I’m sad to say that they are discontinued…hurry in, we’ve only got one left!


The shape of this metal chair is fantastic and it’s so versatile.  It works great as a dining chair or throw a sheepskin over it and it becomes a comfy side chair.  And it’s really reasonably priced.


This is one of my favorite mirrors ever.  It’s so simple yet so incredibly beautiful, luxurious but not flashy.  Plus, they’re made right here in Philadelphia.  Can’t get better than that…


…well, maybe you can.  Lostine makes the most beautiful cutting boards I’ve ever seen.  Honestly, I probably wouldn’t use them as cuttings boards, but rather as serving pieces for charcuterie or a cheese plate.  Not only are the boards made in Philadelphia, but the wood they’re made from is grown in Pennsylvania (well, at least the ones made of sycamore).  Can’t get more local than that.  And see these boards below…


You’ll have a chance to take them home at our anniversary party on the 9th!  Lostine has very generously donated them for our raffle.  Isn’t that amazing?  The square board is made of black walnut and measures 9″x11″ while the rectangular is maple and is 20″x6″.  They photograph beautifully but are even better in person.

In case you don’t remember, HOME is celebrating turning a year old on November 9th.  We’re having a party and you’re all invited!  For more details and to RSVP, check this out.  We’re also using the opportunity to raise money for Philabundance, hence the raffle.  There will be lots of  great prizes, so you don’t want to miss out!



Save the Date | 11.09.2013


Don’t know how it happened, but next month HOME will be turning one!  It’s been quite a ride and one that I hope I can stay on for a while longer.  Since opening the shop, I’ve come to love my neighborhood so much more.  I love the new friends I’ve made, recognizing people on the street that have stopped into the shop, seeing the same people walking by with their dogs, having neighbors stop by with local gossip.  Having the chance to meet and get to know my neighbors has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being a shop owner.  I hope that I continue to meet more and that both new and old friends will come by on Nov. 9th to celebrate with us at HOME!  I also thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to help raise money for Philabundance – an organization that is doing their part to end hunger in our community.

It’s going to be an awesome night and there’ll be a few guests helping us celebrate:

– Kim from Manayunk Calligraphy – she’ll be doing on the spot calligraphy prints (give her a quote and she’ll write it in calligraphy script – $10-$20/piece and a portion of her sales will be donated!)

Outlaw Candy – a Philly based jewelry line that will be showcasing handcrafted leather cuffs

– The Tot Cart and Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck – both trucks will be parked in front of the shop and serving up delicious tator tots and burgers all night (and they’re awesome ’cause they’ll also be donating a portion of their sales)

And you’re not going to want to miss the raffles!  HOME will be raffling off gift certificates and items from local businesses including Rinse Salon, Occasionette, Lostine, Hip & Thrifty, Behressentials and more!  As it gets closer, I’ll post more information about the prizes.  Raffle tickets are $2 each and they’ll be available at the party.  100% of the ticket sales will be donated to Philabundance as well as a percentage of our overall sales that night.

Please RSVP here.  Can’t wait to celebrate with you all!!!!

My Favorite Cambodian Stew


Growing up, I really didn’t know how good I had it.  My mom made dinner every night – and I’m not talking about just heating something up in the microwave.  She made a real meal.  With fresh foods.  From scratch.  Instead of being thankful for that, I would wish we could eat Hamburger Helper.  Luckily, that wish never came true and I’m proud to say I’ve never had it.  Now that I no longer live with my mom, I don’t eat as much Cambodian food as I used to and sometimes (a lot of times) I miss it like crazy.  I’ve learned to make a few dishes and one of my favorites is a sweet and sour seafood stew.  It’s also one of my husband’s favorite dishes and he’s been dropping hints lately that it’s been a while since we had it.  When I told him the other day that I was planning on making it for dinner that night, he got so excited that you would’ve thought I had told him we had won the lottery!



Cambodian Sweet & Sour Seafood Stew


– 4 tomatoes

– 2lbs green papaya

– 15 oz jar of lotus roots

– Chinese okra

– 1 pineapple

– 3 green onions

– culantre (Asian cilantro)

– 1lbs raw shrimp

– 2 chicken breasts

– king crab legs (however many you want)

– chicken stock

– fried garlic

– salt & pepper to taste

– fish sauce

– package of tamarind soup base

– sugar


– pour chicken stock into large pot and top off with water so that the pot is 3/4 full

– bring to a boil and add chicken (chicken should be cut into cubes)

– let chicken boil for a few minutes and add cubed papaya and the lotus roots (cut in half)

– cook until papaya is soft

– add the shrimp

– add in a ladle full or two (to taste) of fish sauce

– add 1/2 tsp of salt

– add crab (I like to take the crab meat from the shell), Chinese okra, pineapple

– bring back to a boil

– add in tomatoes

– add tamarind soup base

– add 1 – 2 tbsp. of fried garlic

– add 1 tbsp. of sugar

– add green onions and culantre

**taste broth – may need to add more fish sauce or sugar

It’s a lot of ingredients and prep work, but the cooking time is pretty quick.  Plus it makes so much, you’ll have delicious leftovers for days – unless you’re inviting people over to share it with (who will LOVE you).  Like most Cambodian dishes, this stew is eaten with rice.  Although not necessary, I like to eat this with a dipping sauce that is a little sour, a little salty and very spicy.  It’s super simple to make and I enjoy it with almost anything: fish, steak, chicken, etc.


Spicy/salty/sour sauce


– lime

– fish sauce

– 2 or 3 Thai chilies

– 2 small or 1 large head of garlic

– 2 or 3 pieces culantre or cilantro


– juice limes

– mince garlic

– chop up chilies

– chop culantre

– mix above ingredients

– add fish sauce slowly – taste test as you go


How To: Style a Barcart

Today I’d like to share our first real video.  By “real” I mean that it involved editing, voice overs, and way more time than I’d like to admit.  It’s not perfect (and I still cringe when I hear my own voice!) but I think it’s a good first effort!

Most of the items we used for the bar cart (including the actual cart) are for sale at the shop.  If anything interests you, let us know!

**Thanks to my intern, Lisa, for figuring out how to make this video!!

And We’ve Got a Winner!

Friday was the end of our Instagram contest and I’m so excited to announce the winner today!  I couldn’t believe how many awesome entries we got – good job guys!  I really wish we could pick more than one winner – it was definitely hard to choose just one person.  But after much discussion, we (HOME’s interns and I) all agreed that our favorite was…

WINNERSubmitted by @mathu80!  We love everything about this.  There’s just enough on the table to make it look interesting but not overcrowded.  Everything is perfectly positioned and all the individual objects are beautiful – even the book and magazines  (the yellow of the Vanity Fair cover compliments the gray-blue rug nicely).  The texture and color of the rug works as a great backdrop.  I love that he took two shots of the table – one close up and one that gave us a peek of the rest of the room.  I would love to see the entire space by the way!  Congrats Matthew – you’ve got amazing coffee styling skills:)  Hope you enjoy your bag of goodies from HOME!

Good Bag

This contest has been so fun!  Thank you to everyone who participated!!  To keep up with all of our events, promotions and contests, be sure to follow us on Instagram: @shophomephilly !

Say “hi”…

…to my interns!  That’s right, I have not one, but two interns.  And they’re awesome:)

They’re both seniors at local universities.  Lisa is a fashion merchandising major at Philadelphia University and Mel is at Temple majoring in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Management Information Systems.  For the past month, they’ve been helping me record videos, merchandise the shop, get our weekly newsletter out, set up for events…the list goes on.  I can’t believe I only have them for a couple more months!  Wah!

internsAs part of HOME’s family, they’ll be helping me select a winner of our coffee table Instagram contest.  Which, by the way, ends TODAY!  If you haven’t entered, all you need to do is:

–  follow us on Instagram (@shophomephilly)

–  post a photo of your (beautifully arranged!) coffee table

–  hashtag it with #shopHOMEphillycontest

Our favorite styled coffee table wins this gift bag of goodies from HOME…

Good Bag

We’ll be announcing the winner on Monday!  Can’t wait to see the entries!

** There are four entries we can’t see which means you aren’t following us.  Please make sure to follow us so that we can see them!

Skirts and Sweatshirts


What’s more comfy than a soft, worn-in sweatshirt?  Not much.  And recently I’ve seen more cute sweatshirt options available – they’re softer, a bit more fitted…making them more versatile, even stylish when paired with a dressy skirt.  The look is both casual and dressy, a perfect balance for an everyday outfit.  I would wear this to run errands, to work, out for drinks.  I (obviously) love the sweatshirt/skirt combo, but they would look just as cute with a pair of skinny jeans.  Here are a few of my favorites…

SweatshirtOptionsimages 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Storefront of the Week


I’ve been so excited to share this little traveling shop – or rather, caravan shop.  I pretty much love everything about it.  I love that it travels, I love the color, I love the shape, I love the logo, I love its contents.  I just wish that it wasn’t so far away…in Australia.  Owner, Kara Rosenlund, is a photographer, stylist and now shop owner and it seems that everything she does turns out amazing.




The name of the shop is Traveling Wares and is full of lovely vintage homewares – from artwork to vases to copper pans.  To learn more about Kara, her photography and her shop visit her site here.  It’s really amazing how many people are out there doing such cool and inspiring things.

Making Videos

We’ve recently started making little videos for Instagram to highlight some of our merchandise in the shop.  And I really love doing them.  I thought they would be simple and fairly quick to do, but they take much more time than I expected – and we’re talking about a 15 second video here!  So far we’ve done three videos…and hoping to do one each week.  Check them out below – and follow @shophomephilly on Instagram so you can keep track of what we’re up to and see our upcoming videos!

How To: setting up the perfect bar cart #barcart @arteriorshome

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An Instagram Contest !


Do you follow HOME on Instagram?  If not, YOU SHOULD !  And now is the perfect time because we’re having an Instagram contest.  All you have to do is follow us (@shophomephilly), style a coffee table, and Instagram it with the hashtag #shopHOMEphillycontest.  It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your styling skills and win a gift bag of goodies from HOME…

Good Bag

The contest ends on October 11th and our favorite coffee table arrangement will win the contest!  Can’t wait to see your coffee table stylings!